Our history

Old church

Since there is little historical documentation from the Middle Ages, researchers are obliged to turn to a wider vision, under the supposition that growth was similar, of the Tierra Llana, the agricultural plains jurisdiction of Bizkaia, of which Kortezubi was a part. Districts grew into towns and parishes, which in turn were organized into models of administrative jurisdiction in the region. The Land Lords strengthened their dominant role in the ecclesiastical districts with the sponsoring of the building of churches.

During the 14th and 15th centuries residents employed in livestock are settled half-way up the mountainside, while the districts grew into municipalities down in the valleys. This is owing to population growth and the flatter land more suited to agriculture, along with proximity to transport routes, so vital for business development.

The constitution of the parish would take place in the 16th century represented by seat number 15 in the Provincial General Assembly in Gernika.

With both the secondary and tertiary sectors practically inexistent, agriculture was the reigning economic activity in Kortezubi during the first half of the 20th century, hardly varying from that of the 19th century.

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