Built of ashlar, on a rectangular plan and a single nave with two-sided unvaulted roof, the hermitages of Kortezubi are, we can say, of humble construction.  In spite of the minimal ornamentation and working of the construction materials, they fulfilled, as well as their main religious function, an equally important social role as a meeting place and a place of parliament for the local districts and regions until comparatively recent times.

Noteworthy is the Gothic hermitage of San Millan in the district of Idokiliz. There is a reference to it in 1619 and it is one of the most beautiful approaches to the region.

Other interesting hermitages are that of St. Peter the Apostle in the Oma Valley, from the 16th century, and that of St. Stephen in the district of Enderika, largely restored in 1683. Both of them are in the Renaissance style.

Probably dating from the 15th century, the hermitage of Santimamiñe is to be found on the slopes of Ereñozarre. It is difficult to classify as regards style, although it is probably one of the oldest still standing in the area. Its most interesting features are those situated on the corner block of the lintel formed by three solar motifs of different sizes: the three elements are tombstones from the nearby necropolis, re-used in the construction of the building.

Santimamiñe hermitageSan Esteban hermitage
San Millan hermitageSan Pedro hermitage